A rising country music star named Josie is captivating hearts with her soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics.

This cracker of an artist and wicked personality has released her new single 'Down Here" and everyone is noticing the pipes on this chick.

The HLC Homestead reached out to Josie because she embodies the very essence of what the HLC Homestead portrays, Aussie outback meets the west!

Among the many admirers of Josie's music were the members of The HLC Homestead. They cherished her performances and celebrated her achievements in every way possible. Josie, in turn, fell in love with The HLC Homestead's collection - The trendy t-shirts, stylish hats, and charming accessories.

She often wears these items during her performances and proudly showcases her support for The HLC Homestead on social media.

Josie has her own personalized Pyrography Engraved Hat with the name of her newest single and the very same guitar she strums to the song "Down Here". 

To follow Josie for more amazing music, click this link:

For your own Custom Pyrograph Engraved Hat click this link:

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