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G'Day Folks!

My name is Ashlea, the proud owner of The HLC Homestead- Country Living Clothing Co.

As a firm believer in making people look and feel their best, no matter the shape or size of the body, I will always try to ensure my brand name is synonymous with trust, reliability, and quality. The HLC Homestead is your One-Stop Shop for all things Aussie Country Apparel, Jewelry and Accessories.

Growing up, I've always deeply appreciated country life, surrounding myself with horses and owning two of my very own. There's no denying that the farming way of life is in my blood and it's this love for the country lifestyle that inspired me to start The HLC Homestead - to create and share my love for nonconventional outback wear with like-minded folks who appreciate extended sizing choices, designs and options.

My Brand is more than just a clothing store, The HLC Homestead is a reflection of my personal values - Authenticity, Hard Work, and Embracing the Simple Things in Life.

I believe everyone deserves to experience the joy of dressing up in a Well-Made Cowboy Hat, Rock a Cute Statement Turquoise Necklace, and/or Represent Country Lifestyle Clothing that not only looks Fresh and Modern but fits all shapes and sizes at the same time.

That's why every HLC Homestead product is made with the utmost care, ensuring that our customers always receive the best quality.

The HLC Homestead is about more than just clothing and jewelry - It's about creating a sense of community and sharing a passion for the outback way of life.

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The HLC Homestead embodies the essence of Country Western and Australian Outback Living:

The Hat on your Head, The Lasso in your Hand, and the Warmth of the Campfire